Cadet Activities

Events and programs in the West Point Church of Christ are designed for cadets to experience opportunities in Evangelism, Spiritual Formation, Christian Leadership, Mission, Fellowship, Scripture and the Church of Christ.

The activities and events planned in the West Point Church of Christ strive to provide:

  • a safe, loving, and wholesome atmosphere
  • a program which helps cadets become formed in their faith
  • a variety of worship experiences that help cadets connect with God and one another
  • a means for cadets to develop their individual prayer and spiritual life
  • assistance for cadets in developing values, morals, and a sense of Christian community
  • interaction with adults who model the Christian faith
  • activities (games, sports, activities, crafts, etc.)
    • Bowling
    • Movie/Dinner Nights
    • Sports Events
    • Game Nights
    • Fellowship Time
    • Bible Studies
    • Community Service Work